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H&Z® Tea saponin is raw material which is extracted from camellia seeds followed technology processes. It is excellent natural nonionic active surfactants and biologic charater. It can be widely used in pesticide, textile, daily chemicals, arthitectural field, medial field and so on. Our company H&Z® from China have two kinds of them according to different process, they are tea saponin powder and tea saponin liquid. They have difference between appearance and specifications, but have the same usages.

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Product Description

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China Tea Saponin/Camellia Sinensis Seed Extract Factory

Brief Introduction to Tea Saponin (Camellia Seed Saponin)
Tea saponin, also known as pure tea saponin, tea seed saponin powder, or camellia seed saponin powder, is the fine light yellow powder with strong special saponin smell. It is extracted from a class of carbohydrate glycoside compound, is a good natural surface active agent. It can be widely used in light industry, chemical industry, pesticide, feed, aquaculture, textile, oil, mining, building materials and construction of Expressway in areas such as manufacturing, emulsifiers, detergents, pesticides, feed additives additive, crab shrimp protective agent, textile auxiliaries, oil field mining flotation agent and foaming agent, foam stabilizing agent of aerated concrete and concrete admixtures,antifreeze etc. Upon detection, H&Z® tea saponin has good emulsifying, dispersing, wetting and foaming, function, and has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti permeability and pharmacological effect. 

The pure saponin has strong moisture absorption ability.  It's easy to be dissolved in water, water-contained methanol, water-contained ethanol, glacial acetic acid, acetic anhydride and pyridine etc. 

Tea Saponin/Camellia Sinensis Seed Extract Specification:

Product Name

Tea Saponin


Light or Pale Yellow Powder


Special Saponin Smell

Surface Tension


Foamy Height

160-190 mm


Aquaculture, Eco-pesticides, Foaming Agent in Building Industry, Cosmetics, Medicine, Food and Feed Additive, etc.

Raw Material

Organic Camellia Seeds

Saponin Content

30%(Liquid), 60%, 80%, 90%, 98%


High Efficiency, Environment-Friendly


100% Soluble

Mesh Size

80-120 Mesh


20KG/25KG Kraft Paper Bag with PP Inner Side or 10kg PE Colored Bag, or Upon Customers' Requirements




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Applications of Tea Saponin/Camellia Seed Saponin
Due to its unique natural features, tea sapnin is widely used in the field of foaming agent for industrial and household cleaner, building material industry, food and feed additives, cosmetics for making shampoo, aquaculture fishery, environment-friendly pesticides, medicine, etc.

1.Building Material and Construction Industry:
H&Z® Tea saponin can be used as foaming agent and foam-stabilization agent in air-added concrete production. It has the degrease function and can improve aluminum spreading suspended character, enhance the stability of concrete setting, improve the air-hole structure to make the products firmer and more reliable. The effects are much better than honeylocust powder and nekal. The strong emulsification and dispersing can be applied to the production of paraffin emulsification agent which has been successively used in the fiberboard gel crafts and apparently reduces the moisture absorption of products and increases the waterproof capability and the fiberboard quality.

2.Agrochemical Application:
Tea Saponin, as the main body and refined environment-friendly pesticide adjuvants, can be widely used in pesticides, fungicides, achieving synergistic effect. At the same time, tea saponin, which itself is an excellent biological pesticide, repellent and biotin, can stimulate growth of the crops.Tea saponin is a kind of perfect 
natural surfactant agent for liquid and water-soluble pesticide. Saponin can be self-degradable, and non-toxic. During the separation process, it will not impact the chemical property of the pesticide and lasting the effect of the pesticide. Now, tea saponin is wildly employed for worm controlling as herbicide (such as Glyphosate), and insecticides (such as Bisultap). Especially for Glyphosate, tea saponin can improve the adhesive force and wet absorption. Meanwhile, tea saponin enhance the penetration and biological activity of Glyphosate. It can reduce the dosage of pure herbicides to 50%-70%.

3. Aquaculture Fishery for Pond Cleaning:
Tea Saponin is mainly used to kill wild fish during culture period. Tea Saponin has strong toxicity to fish, but no harmless to shrimp, crab, sea cucumber, etc. The reason is that there are different hemoglobin between fish and shrimp, crab, sea cucumber, etc. Fish contains heme, while the shrimp contains copper hemocyanin. And tea saponin only has effect on heme, i.e. killing fish, no harm to shrimp, crab, sea cucumber, etc. 
Moreover, in shrimp, crab, and sea cucumber farming , tea saponin can prevent prawn black gill disease occurrence and on parasite control , and can promote their molting and growth.

4.Eco-pesticide for Worm Controlling on Large Grasslands, Golf Courses, Wheat and Other Horticulture Farming, Rice Paddies, etc.:
Tea saponin is a sort of perfect eco-friendly pesticides and molluscacides. Tea saponin can effectively kill soil and plant animals, such as snail, earthworm, corn pests, slugs, cutworms, stinkbugs, aphid, etc. 
Moreover, due to its non-toxican residue to plants, soil and environment, tea saponin is being widely used for eco-friendly pesticides in large area of grasslands (such as golf courses), wheat farming, and other horticulture farming, rice paddies, etc.
By so far, we have been exporting tea saponin as organic pesticides to many countries, such as Japan, Korea, France, USA, Demark, UK, Holland, etc.

5.Cosmetic and Daily-use Chemical:
Tea saponin  is a natural cleanser due to the presence of saponin. It is being widely used in cosmetic and health care industry for making hair shampoo, shower taking, foot bathing, etc. And there will be more and more applications for tea saponin in cosmetic industry.
Tea saponin can also be used as organic household cleaner for dish washing, fruits and vegetables washing, cooking utensils washing, jewelry washing, etc., without any harmful residue to environment, due to its self-degradation characteristic.

6.Food and Feed Additive:
Adding a small amount of tea saponin in wine can prevent the yeast production, guarantee the quality. It can also make aerated wine has a lot of bubbles. 
Tea saponin is effective substitute antibiotic and can reducing the diseases for both humans and animals so as to improve the whole animal breeding industry and eventually bring heath. Using tea tea saponin configuration as feed additives are effective alternatives to antibiotics. It can reduce zoonotic disease and enable people to eat safe meat so that the whole animal husbandry industry will step on a new stage.
Tea Saponin can also be used in sensitization, beer and drinking industries, and anti-corruption production with wider and wider application range.

7.Fire-fighting Agent, Textile Auxiliaries, Oil Field Drainage and other Industrial Chemicals:
Tea saponin not only has strong foaming ability but also has good flame retardant function, as fertilizer made of fire extinguishing agent, fire fighting and superior performance.
Tea saponin can be used as cotton, wool, linen and other textile printing, dyeing and detergent. It has less ability to peel color and won't produce milling. In this way, the fabric will not lose its luster.
Tea saponin is a kind of large molecule quality net-shape structure surface activator with good foaming ability and strong anti-acid and salt-decomposing capability as well as large quantity of water-combination. It's a kind of good daily-use chemical surface activator and high-efficiency oil field foam drainage agent.

8.Tea saponin in Medicine:
Tea saponin has apparent characteristics of anti-leakage and anti-inflammation. During the primary period of inflammation, it can normalize the permeating of capillary vessel; regulate blood sugar content, reduce cholesterol content, prevent cardiovascular disease; it has cough-relieving function and can cure the old people's bronchitis and various edema; it can also eliminate bacteria and restrain white monilia albicans, escherichia coli; it can also restrain the alcohol absorption, increase the alcohol dissolution so that it can be used for sobering up after being drunk.

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