• Cranberry and grape, blueberry fruit known as super fruit the in North American.Cranberry has been a tradition healthy food in North America. The past 20 years, a series of scientific studies confirmed the health effects of cranberry.So, Can cranberry extract be applied to skin care products ?


  • What is the function of Lemon Peel Extract Powder Diosmetin from lignin?Diosmetin is one of a variety of types of citrus bioflavonoids that is believed to have healthful,strengthening effects on the wall of the blood vessels.It has the anti-cancer activity.


  • When your family suffer from hypertension, fatty liver, every day can drink green tea extract powder, can reduce the blood pressure of the family.


  • Tannins, also known as tannic acid, are phenolic compounds found in woody flowering plants that are important deterrents to herbivores and have many industrial applications.


  • Camellia oil is a powerful oil that can be used on the face, hair and body. Camellia oil is considered a dry oil because it feels non-oily on the skin.


  • Pomegranate bark extract powder can be made into capsules, tablets, particles and other health food. Pomegranate extract is water-soluble, transparent solution, bright color, as a functional content is widely added to the beverage.