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H&Z Industry is a large reliable and professional manufacturer for Pharmaceutical Chemicals.Our company integrates R&D, production and sales together.The Company was established in 1994, and 2008.2 International dept has been set up.As Pharmaceutical Chemicals professional supplier,H&Z Industry has established a cooperative relationship with the laboratory of Shandong University to meet the customer's requirements for product stability and consumer's deep demand for product development.

Our Pharmaceutical Chemicals refer to APIs and Inemediates,Our Pharmaceutical Chemicals main products are Dexpanthenol,Indole,Paclitaxel,Docetaxel.We are professional supplier for Intermediate of Paclitaxel in China,Buy the Anti-Cancer Intermediates in China from the well known manufacturer H&Z Industry Co., Ltd.

Over the years, due to our thoughtful services to customers, high-quality products, competitive price and professional talent team, H&Z Industry realized rapid development, growing from an original small factory into a one-stop buyer and service provider for many customers around the world.built a strategic cooperation with many domestic and international companies. Our factory organization are approved by ISO,GMP registeration.Now Our Pharmaceutical Chemicals can be found in USA, UK, Spain, France, Canada, Japan, Australia, Dubai etc.
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  • A tannin is an astringent chemical derived from plants. Tannic acid is one type of tannin that has a fairly weak acidity. In some trees, this chemical may act as protection against pests and fires, and it is believed that humans can benefit from the antibacterial, antifungal, and antioxidant properties of the substance. It is also used for industrial purposes, such as leather production and wood staining.This substance is usually found as a yellow, white, or light brown powder that tends to easily dissolve in water. It generally does not have a smell, but the taste is one that can cause a person to pucker.Since it will cause constipation in humans, tannic acid can be used to treat diarrhea. It can also be used to reduce the swelling of hemorrhoids and control internal bleeding. Externally, tannin can be added to creams and salves to help combat muscle and joint problems and to help heal wounds. It may also be used for the antifungal treatment of the feet, toenails, or fingernails.People are warned not to consume large amounts of tannic acid, and it should not be consumed on a regular basis. Although it can be helpful in many ways, tannin may also have adverse effects.

  • Amantadine HCl lis used as an intermediate in the synthesis of amantadanes.Used for the synthesis of adamantane derivatives and adalbalin.Reaction with vinyliden e chlorid e yields 1- amantadine acetic acid.

  • Dicyclanil is a growth regulator disturbing the form of insect epiderimis..Have strong adhesive force and have good sustaining effect on epizootic helminthes.for use in the prevention and cure effectively of pest such as cotton bollworm,stinkbug,tobacco aphid noctuid,rice louse,cucumber cestode, godwit cicada of cotton,corn,vegetable etc.And effectively prevent from housefly and stegomyia.

  • L-Tryptophan is an important precursor for the biosynthesis of auxin in plants. Amino acids medicine and important nutrient. It can participate in the renewal of plasma protein in animal body, and promote riboflavin to play a role, also contribute to the synthesis of niacin and heme, can significantly increase the antibodies in pregnant animal foetus, and can promote lactation of lactating cows and sows. When livestock and poultry lack tryptophan, growth is stunted, weight is lost, fat accumulation is reduced, and testicular atrophy occurs in breeding males. It is used in medicine as a control agent against scurvy.

  • Inositol is a kind of water soluble vitamin , one of vitamin B group , as is the pro-inositol and choline fatty vitamin , also known as cyclohexanhexol , a white crystalline powder, weathered crystalline. There are nine kinds of stereoisomers, which has medical value within the racemate, can promote cell metabolism, contribute to development , and increase appetite, lipomatosis for the treatment of liver cirrhosis disease.

  • Calcium gluconate is the common source of baby calcium supplement, widely used in infant food, cereal and cereal product, health products, sports and milk beverage, high calcium concentrate, etc. It also could be as buffer and firming agent, used in fried food and pastries, to prevent oxidation and discoloration, and improve the sensory quality.

H&Z INDUSTRY CO., LTD was established in 1994. As one of the Pharmaceutical Chemicals manufacturers and suppliers in China, H&Z Industry and our branches are supplying thousands tons of premium products annually. You can rest assured to buy Pharmaceutical Chemicals from us. H&Z Industry Co., Ltd. has achieved rapid development, from the initial small factory to a one-stop purchaser and service provider. Suitable for many customers all over the world. Welcome friends and customers from home and abroad to visit our factory and cooperate with us, hope we can get double-win.