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Detailed introduction of Enzyme Preparation

Enzyme preparations are widely used, mainly used as pharmaceutical intermediates, additives for food processing and growth promoters for livestock and poultry breeding. In addition, it is also used in textile, light industry, leather, paper, oil extraction, construction, environmental protection, military and other industries. The application types of enzyme preparations include amylase, protease, carbohydrase, catalase and cellulase. Amylase is mainly used for dough improvement in bread production, pretreatment of cereal raw materials in infant food, saccharification and decomposition of starch in beer manufacturing, starch decomposition and improvement of filtration speed in fruit juice processing, as well as for vegetables, syrups , Yi sugar, glucose, powdered dextrin and other food processing and manufacturing. Protease is mainly used in hydrolyzed protein production, meat softening, beer cold resistance, bakery products, cheese manufacturing, etc. In recent years, the field of enzyme preparation development and application is still expanding.

In the early 1960s, the development of world enzyme preparation production was relatively slow. In the 1970s, the research and development were extremely rapid, especially the major theoretical researches on its extraction method, mechanism of action and growth and metabolism were making new progress. So far, more than 3000 kinds of enzymes have been reported and discovered, but only more than 60 of them have achieved large-scale industrial production. According to reports, the global enzyme preparation market is growing at an average rate of 11% year by year. The development prospect of the enzyme preparation industry is quite broad. After more than 50 years of rapid development, China's enzyme preparation industry has entered the ranks of major countries in the production of enzyme preparations in the world. At present, about 30 kinds of enzyme preparations have been produced on a large scale.

Enzyme Preparation