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Who is Inulin not suitable for?


First, inulin should not be drunk too much, otherwise it will cause stomach pain or bloating, and in severe cases it will cause nausea or diarrhea;


Second, patients who are allergic to inulin should not eat inulin; in addition to the above two points, inulin has no other harm, but it should be noted that inulin should not be eaten too much, after all, it is too much.

Inulin is soluble, but its own chemical fiber is not easy to be digested and absorbed. Therefore, taking inulin on an empty stomach can achieve the effect of hunger. Inulin is mainly produced in Jerusalem artichoke, a green plant of the Compositae family. This plant itself has strong and unyielding vitality and can basically be integrated into the extreme natural environment on the whole earth. Therefore, the chlorogenic acid in Jerusalem artichoke branches has a very efficient effect on improving human immunity.

Since inulin itself can make people feel full, in the case of an empty stomach, the actual effect of inulin is better. In other words, inulin is suitable for drinking before meals. Inulin is a kind of soluble dietary cellulose, which is beneficial to promote gastrointestinal motility, promote the growth and development of specific bacteria in the intestines and stomach, and then help to improve the digestive tract and promote the physical and mental health of the stomach and intestines.