Enzyme Preparation

H&Z Industry is a large reliable and professional manufacturer for Enzyme Preparation.Our company integrates R&D, production and sales together.The Company was established in 1994, and 2008.2 International dept has been set up.As Enzyme Preparation professional supplier,H&Z Industry has established a cooperative relationship with the laboratory of Shandong University to meet the customer's requirements for product stability and consumer's deep demand for product development.

Our H&Z® Enzyme Preparation refer to Pancreatin,α-Galactosidase,βGalactosidase,Lysozyme,Lipase,Bromelain.According to customer needs,we can also customize all kinds of enzyme preparation professional products and technical services.With more than twenties years progress, H&Z Industry has successfully developed series of  enzyme products, widely applied in pharm,feed, brewing, baking, plant extract, leather, alcohol, textile, and so on.

Due to our thoughtful services to customers, high-quality products, competitive price and professional talent team, H&Z Industry realized rapid development, growing from an original small factory into a one-stop buyer and service provider for many customers around the world.built a strategic cooperation with many domestic and international companies. Our Enzyme Preparation factory organization are approved by ISO,KOSHER and HALAL registeration.Now Our Enzyme Preparation can be found in USA, UK, Spain, France, Canada, Japan, Australia, etc.
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  • China H&Z® Peptidase is typically known as proteolytic enzymes. (Distinction peptidases and proteases are: protease hydrolyzed protein is a polypeptide, peptide and amino acid enzymatic hydrolysis of the proteins.) Is a peptidase enzyme capable of hydrolyzing peptide

  • Different grades China H&Z® Laccase with high quality.industrial grade,food grade,pharm grade and cosmetic grade.

  • China H&Z® Papain is to use biological engineering plants from papaya immature fruit extract of biological products and natural, it is is composed of 212 amino acids.

  • Bromelain, also known as pineapple enzyme, is a pure natural plant protease which is purified from biotechnology by pineapple fruit skin and core.

  • China H&Z® Serrapeptase has anti-inflammatory, swelling effect: thermal burns in rats as a model of inflammation after oral administration of visible vascular permeability was inhibited.

  • China H&Z® Pectinase is a complex enzyme consisting of pectolyase, pectozyme, and polygalacturonase.

H&Z INDUSTRY CO., LTD was established in 1994. As one of the Enzyme Preparation manufacturers and suppliers in China, H&Z Industry and our branches are supplying thousands tons of premium products annually. You can rest assured to buy Enzyme Preparation from us. H&Z Industry Co., Ltd. has achieved rapid development, from the initial small factory to a one-stop purchaser and service provider. Suitable for many customers all over the world. Welcome friends and customers from home and abroad to visit our factory and cooperate with us, hope we can get double-win.