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China H&Z® Peptidase is typically known as proteolytic enzymes. (Distinction peptidases and proteases are: protease hydrolyzed protein is a polypeptide, peptide and amino acid enzymatic hydrolysis of the proteins.) Is a peptidase enzyme capable of hydrolyzing peptide

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Product Description

Neutral Protease is developed factory with liquid submerged fermentation.It can hydrolyze the protein effectively at a wide range of temperature and pH and can be applied to many fields such as feed, leather, depilation, softening, silk, toothpaste, soap, detergent, baking, dairy etc..

China H&Z® Peptidase Factory

Peptidase CAS NO:9031-96-3

Peptidase Specification:



Brown powder

Odor & Taste

Characteristic odor and taste


NMT 7%


Identifiable Activity

Positive for Peptidase Activity


Peptidase activity

NLT 200,000 U/g


Total Bacteria Count

NMT 3,000 CFU/g

Coliform Bacteria(CFU/g)

NMT 30 CFU/g

Molds and Yeasts

NMT 100 CFU/g

E. coli




Staphylococcus aureus


Pseudomonas aeruginosa




NMT 3 ppm


NMT 0.1 ppm


NMT 1 ppm


NMT 1 ppm


Store in cool and dry place protected from light, keep barrel close when not in use.

Handling Precautions:

May cause respiratory tract, eye, and skin irritation. Mild skin irritation may develop causing itching and redness. For detailed information please refer to the MSDS.

Shelf Life:

Shelf life under prescribed storage conditions and air-tight packing will be 2 years.


Peptidase Intrduction

Peptidase Function:

Peptidase in biology, medicine and biotechnology research is very important to an enzyme. Since the enzyme in regulating peptide is a very important aspect, there are hundreds of proteins are used as inhibitors are simultaneously studying.

Peptidase a variety of classification methods, the current widespread use of the International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, the Nomenclature Committee (NC-IUBMB) and recommendations together with the Human Gene Nomenclature Committee, "enzyme standard nomenclature." Some of the old classification system still in use because of habit.

Peptidase Application:

1. Remove dead tissue, waste and fibroids that can constrict coronary arteries.

2. Reduce the plaque build-up and promotes easier blood flow hence clearer arteries.

3. Help to eliminate scar tissue and non-living deposits that block arteries.

4. Help improve circulation to all major organs in the body especially the heart.

5. A natural alternative and health promoting enzyme that has minimal if any side effects.

6. A natural pain relief alternative to Non Sterol Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAID).

7. Does not cause bleeding and stomach ulcers

8. Helps lung and chest congestions to be reduced

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