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Enzyme preparations help create a better life


Enzymes, as magical factors in nature, have been silently making important contributions to the development of human civilization. From simple brewing and fermented food in the early days, to all aspects of today's life, enzymes have gradually led to a greener and more efficient path for the development of modern industrial technology due to their green and efficient characteristics.


1. Enzymes make food delicious

Human use of enzymes in food dated back thousands of years. The rich and fragrant wine, the soft and delicious bread, the tender and softened beef, and the rich and fragrant seasonings, which all have a story about "enzyme" behind . Enzymes improve the flavor and geology of food by themselves, like an invisible magician.

2. Enzymes make human healthy 

Milk and dairy products are natural foods rich in nutrients, and their nutritional value has long been recognized by the world, and was once called "the most perfect food". However, because of lactose intolerance which is caused by a lack of lactase in some people affects their normal intake of dairy products, which to a large extent restricts the popularization of dairy products in people's daily life and the human body's digestion and absorption of dairy nutrients.People use lactase to directionally hydrolyze a large amount of lactose in dairy products, which can improve the digestive ability of lactose intolerant people to dairy products, and also achieve the effect of improving and improving the taste, flavor and nutritional value of dairy products.
3. Enzymes make dressing Beautiful       
Leather is a clothing material that many people like, and its luster and softness become a quality judgment indicator. The use of enzymes in leather processing to replace many polluting chemical materials is recognized as a cleaning process. Nowadays, enzymes (mainly protease and lipase) are widely used in tanning, liming, hair removal, softening, degreasing and other processes in the tanning process, so that the leather becomes softer, the fur is firmer, and the fur luster is increased. , further improving the quality of the fur.
4.Enzymes make high spirit 
With the continuous improvement of living standards, the consumption concept is also constantly upgraded. The role of pets as spiritual companions has been widely recognized. More and more people choose to be "shit shoveling officers", and they are companions with dogs and cats. As the scientific concept of raising pets has gradually become popular among the people, the masters have paid more and more attention to the quality of the food of the stars. Cats and dogs are very sensitive to the smell and flavor of pet food. The selection of enzyme preparations is very important for the flavor and mouthfeel of food attractants, as well as the palatability and attractiveness of pet food.