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The role of calcium gluconate

Calcium gluconate is a calcium supplement in terms of pharmacological effects. Because calcium is involved in many physiological processes, calcium can maintain the normal excitability of nerves and muscles. When blood calcium decreases, the excitability of nerves and muscles will increase, and symptoms of convulsions will appear, so some people will experience cramps when calcium is deficient. By supplementing calcium gluconate, it can be used to treat calcium deficiency, especially the symptoms of tetany caused by hypocalcemia or other diseases.

Calcium gluconate can also be used in the treatment of some allergic reactions. For example, if you are allergic to a drug, you will have an allergic reaction. Calcium gluconate can also help improve the symptoms of this allergic reaction, so it can also be used for Treatment of allergic reactions. Like some other effects, including magnesium poisoning or fluorosis, calcium gluconate can also be used for corresponding relief.

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