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Green tea extract Powder the Effective weight loss ?


Green tea extract Powder the Effective weight loss ?


When your family suffer from hypertension, fatty liver, every day can drink green tea extract powder, can reduce the blood pressure of the family, because the inside of the composition containing tea polyphenols, caffeine, aromatic oil, water, minerals, pigment, carbohydrate, protein, amino acid, vitamin, etc., can be effective weight loss: main ingredients are catechin, this Matter can be through the circulation of the blood into the body, strengthen metabolism, increase fat oxidation and the energy consumption so as to achieve the role of obesity, especially in visceralFat inhibitory effect.For reduction of lactone, therefore not easy rebound.


Prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis and thrombosis, fall blood sugar, prevention and treatment of diabetes, cardiovascular disease such as sterilization antiviral;The prevention and treatment ofhepatitis, fatty liver, anti-aging, and enhance immune machine Can;Cancer, allergy, prevent colds, prevent fractures.

Green tea extract can also be used in other fields application:

As natural food antioxidant: no matter in the oxygen resistance, safety, or the use of cost, teapolyphenols were significantly better than now in the market has been widely used synthetic antioxidants BHA,Butylated hydroxytoluene, TBHQ, PG and VE, VC etc.

As a good additive in cosmetics and daily-use chemicals: strong antibacterial activity and enzyme action suppression.So, it will cure skin disease, skin allergy effect, to the skin

The pigment, methods of teeth, dental plaque and periodontitis

100% Natural Polyphenol 7%-98% green tea powder as a natural antioxidant has been widely used in food industry.Standards of

using food additives in China, the tea polyphenols can be For use in food, such as grease, moon cake, ham dosage is 0.4 g/kg.Use method is first to be soluble in ethanol, add a certain amount of citric acid with the solution, however After the use of the spraying or add method for food.