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China H&Z® Konjac Gum is a kind of pure natural hydrocolloids, Konjac Gum main ingredients is Konjac Glucommanan(KGM)with high purity of more than 85% on dry basis. White in color, fine in particle size, high viscosity and with no special smell of konjac, stable when dissolved in the water.Konjac Gum has the strongest viscosity among the plant -based water -soluble gelling agent. Fine particle size, fast solubility, high expand capability of 100 times of its weight, stable and nearly odorless.

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We H&Z® constantly think and practice corresponding to the change of circumstance, and grow up. We aim at the achievement of a richer mind and body along with the living for Manufactur standard China High Viscosity Food Ingredient Konjac Gum CAS No: 37220-17-0, We recognize your enquiry and it can be our honor to work with each mate globally. Manufactur standard China Additive, Powder, All the imported machines effectively control and guarantee the machining precision for the products. Besides, we have a group of high-quality management personnels and professionals, who make the high-quality goods and have the ability to develop new merchandise to expand our market home and abroad. We sincerely expect customers come for a blooming business for both of us.

China Konjac Gum Factory

Konjac Gum/Konjac glucomannan CAS NO:37220-17-0

Konjac Gum/Konjac glucomannan CAS NO:37220-17-0 description:

H&Z® Konjac Gum is derived from a plant, Amorphophallus konjac, grown in Asia.The main use area is meat sector and diet foods. You can see that dietary products such as noodles and rice, which are especially low in calories, are made with konjac flour.

It has a high viscosity (8000 - 36 000 cps) and varies according to the degree of purity. It is resistant to high temperatures (up to 200 degrees). Although the water dissolution increases with temperature, it is also soluble in cold water with good mixing. Some thickeners compete with each other in the environment and reduce the strength of the gel while others can increase the ability of water retention and gel-form.

Konjac gum is often used to increase the strength of other gums.It has a synergistic effect with other gums like Xanthan Gum, Guar Gum, etc.

Konjac Gum/Konjac glucomannan CAS NO:37220-17-0 Specification:

Brief Description Of High Viscosity Konjak Gum:

Size: 120mesh, 200mesh


Purity: Min.90%

Konjac Gum Series:

Viscosity/Thickeners KJ35-COS Konjac Gum

Viscosity/Thickeners KJ30-COS Konjac Gum

Viscosity/Thickeners KJ-28 Konjac Gum

Viscosity/Thickeners 20000Cps Konjac Gum

Viscosity/Thickeners 36000Cps Konjac Gum

Viscosity/Thickeners 36000Cps Konjac Gum

Viscosity/Thickeners 32000Cps Konjac Gum

Viscosity/Thickeners 30000Cps Konjac Gum

Viscosity/Thickeners 25000Cps Konjac Gum


Konjac Gum




food grade


In 25kg bags

Functional use





white or cream-color and free flowing powder

Particle size

120 - 200 mesh

Viscosity: 1% aqueous solution at, 35°C, 1 hour,

Brookfield Model DV-1 viscometer, spindle No. 4,6; 12rpm

36000 mPas min

Gluomannan content

80% min

Loss on drying

10% max

PH of 1% solution in water



1.0 mg/kg max


3.0 mg/kg max


0.5 g/kg max


6% max

Total plate count

5000 cfu/g max

Yeasts and moulds

100 cfu/g max





Konjac gum Benefit/function:

1.Konjac gum can help Weight management–Glucomannan fills the stomach and slows the digestion process, which helps the consumer feel“full”for longer, reducing the urge for heavy meals or snacks.

2.Konjac gum can help control blood sugar level–By extending the time required to digest a meal, sugars and carbohydrates from other food intake are processed slower, which reduces spikes in blood sugar levels.

3.Konjac gum can reduce cholesterol–Glucomannan gel in the digestive system inhibits the absorption of lipids, such as LDL (bad cholesterol).

4.Konjac gum can regulate bowel movements–As with many food items that contain dietary fibres, glucomannan can help regulate bowel movements.

5.Konjac gum can protect liver and stomach.

Konjac gum Application

1.Gelatinizer (jelly, pudding, Cheese, soft candy, jam )

2.Stabilizer (meat, beer)

3.Film Former (capsule, preservative)

4.Water-keeping agent ( Baked Foodstuff )

5.Thickener (Konjac Noodles, Konjac Stick, Konjac Slice, Konjac Imitating Food stuff)

6.Adherence agent ( Surimi )

7.Foam Stabilizer (ice cream, cream, beer)

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