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China H&Z® Polycaprolactone is synthesized by ring opening polymerization of PCL, initiator and catalyst. This series products are degradable aliphatic polyester resin with high molecular weight>10000, which can be usedd as raw materials for low temperature molding materials, surgical splinting, hot melt adhsices, children s toy, 3D p rinting and bio-degradable materials.

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We H&Z® always perform for a tangible staff to ensure that we can present you with the most effective top quality plus the greatest cost for China wholesale China CAS 24980-41-4 Polycaprolactone Pellet Powder Polycaprolactone Pcl, All prices depend upon the quantity of your order; the more you order, the more economical the price is. We also offer good OEM service to many famous brands. China wholesale China Polycaprolactone, Pcl, We look forward to hearing from you, whether you are a returning customer or a new one. We hope you will find what you are looking for here, if not, please contact us immediately. We pride ourselves on top notch customer service and response. Thank you for your business and support!

China Polycaprolactone Factory

Polycaprolactone PCL CAS no:24980-41-4

Product name: Polycaprolactone/PCL
CAS NO.: 24980-41-4
HS Code: 3907999000
Molecular Weight: 50000,60000,80000,100000,120000
Appearence: white granule
Polycaprolactone PCL CAS no:24980-41-4 Specifications:
High crystallinity and low melting point, can form at low temperature.
Excellent bonding performance on hard to bond material.
Good compatibility with a wide range of polymers.
Easy to dye.
Non-toxic and fully biodegradable.

Polycaprolactone PCL CAS no:24980-41-4 Feature:
1. Excellent Biocompatibility
Polycaprolactone products is compatible in body. fully degrade into CO2 and H2O in 6-12 months in commercial compost.
2. Excellent biodegradability
Fully degraded into CO2 and H2O in 6-12 months in commercial compost.
3. Be compatible with other plastic resins
Compatible with PE, PP, ABS, AS, PC, PVAC, PVB, PVE, PA and natural rubber well.
4. Good dissolubility
Aromatics-soluble, ketone-soluble, polar solvent-soluble.
5.High crystallinity and low melting point
Good ductility (Tg: -60C ) ; Melting point is 58°C -62°C.

Polycaprolactone PCL CAS no:24980-41-4 Application:
1.Surgical Medical Field
H&Z® Polycaprolactone can be used for Surgical suture, orthopedic splint, radiation board, resin bandages, dental model, etc.
2.Polyurethane Resin Field
Polycaprolactone can be used for Coating, ink, hot melt adhesive, non-woven,adhesive, shoes materials, structural adhesive, etc.
3.Film and Composite Packaging Field
Polycaprolactone can be used for Blown film, laminated material, etc.
4.Other Field
Polycaprolactone can be used for Manual model, organic colorants, powder coatings, etc.

Polycaprolactone PCL CAS no:24980-41-4 Safety Warning:
1. Never heat polymorph over 200 ºC as this will damage the polymer.
2. Wait around 5 min after it cools down before you reheat and reshape it again.
3. Do not eat. Contact doctor if swallowed.
4. Product should be ok to use for children 10+
5. Product may become hot.

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