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What crowd does ginkgo leaf extract apply to?


Ginkgo biloba extract has the effect of promoting body circulation, improving memory, controlling hypertension, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, regulating blood sugar and so on.  What kind of people does this apply to?  

Ginkgo biloba extract - nutriherb  
Ginkgo biloba extract - nutriherb  
1. Poor memory  
Ginkgo biloba extract has a strong effect on improving memory and cognitive function.  In addition, it may help alzheimer's patients improve their ability to think, learn and recall.  
2. Three high populations  
Ginkgo biloba extract, can reduce cholesterol, improve microcirculation, inhibit coagulation, prevention and treatment of hypertension.  On the other hand, ginkgo biloba extract can regulate blood glucose and improve insulin resistance, thus reducing insulin antibodies and enhancing insulin sensitivity, so as to achieve the effect of lowering blood glucose.  
3. Middle-aged and elderly people  
Because the function of each organ of the body degrades, old people can cause the blood classics brain and body not smooth, bring about the symptom such as dementia thereby.  Ginkgo biloba extracts improve blood circulation to the brain and limbs, and the effect of increased circulation efficiency has the same effect on the circulation system of large blood vessels (arteries) and small blood vessels (capillaries).  In addition, it can inhibit platelet-activating factor, prevent nerve cell damage, reduce blood flow to the central nervous system, and thus regulate the tension and elasticity of blood vessels.  
4. Anti-aging population  
Most people are aging and appear the symptom of brain function weakness, it is because the brain and central nervous system are attacked by free radicals, just make the body aging.  Ginkgo biloba extract can exert antioxidant effect on brain, eye retina and cardiovascular system, and can further remove excessive oxygen free radicals in the body, thus achieving anti-aging effect.  
5. Menopausal population  
Ginkgo biloba extract can improve cerebral blood flow, nourish the nervous system effectively, and has a good therapeutic effect on menopausal anxiety and depression, memory loss, inattention, vigilance decline, mental decline, dizziness and headache and other symptoms.  
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