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Five Classifications of Enzyme Preparation

Digestive: This type of Enzyme Preparation was studied earliest and is the most diverse type of Enzyme Preparation. Their function is to digest and decompose a variety of components in food, such as starch, fat, protein to make relatively simple substances, convenient absorption of gastrointestinal tract. When the digestive system in the body is maladjusted and the secretion of digestive juices is insufficient, taking this kind of Enzyme Preparation can supplement and correct the deficiency of digestive enzymes in the body and restore the normal digestive function. In this type of Enzyme Preparation, there are mainly pepsin, trypsin, amylase, cellulase, papain, rennet, FIG Enzyme, bromelain and so on.
Anti-inflammatory net invasive: This type of Enzyme Preparation is one of the fastest developing and most widely used treatments. This Enzyme Preparation, mostly proteolytic enzymes, breaks down fibrin clots in inflammatory areas and removes gangrene, rotting flesh and debris around the wound. Some of the enzymes can decompose the nuclear proteins in the pus into simple purines and pymidines, reduce the viscosity of the pus, achieve the purpose of cleaning the wound, eliminating the crazy skin, eliminating the pus, anti-inflammatory and swelling. In this kind of Enzyme Preparation, there are trypsin, chymotrypsin, double chain Enzyme, α -amylase, pancreatic deoxyrna nuclease and so on. The methods of administration include external application, spray, perfusion, injection, oral administration, etc. They can be used alone or in combination with antibiotics to treat various ulcers, inflammation, hematoma, empyema, pneumonia, bronchiectasis, asthma, etc.
Blood clotting and Enzyme Preparation: These Enzyme preparations are all made by the blood. Some of them encourage blood to clot, while others disintegrate clots. The function of thrombin is to make the fibrinogen in the blood become insoluble fibrin, so as to promote blood coagulation and prevent microvascular bleeding. The role of fibrinolytic Enzyme is to dissolve blood clots, as the latest clinical Enzyme Preparation.
Detoxification: The main function of this type of Enzyme Preparation is to remove a harmful substance from the body or that is produced by injecting a drug. The main varieties include penicillinase, catalase and histaminase. Penicillinase breaks down the β -lactam ring in the penicillin molecule, making it into penicillithiazolic acid, eliminating the allergic reaction caused by penicillin injection.
Diagnostic: This type of Enzyme Preparation is used to make a variety of biochemical tests to help with clinical diagnosis. The most commonly used are glucose oxidase, β -glucosidase and urease. Urease, for example, measures the concentration of urea in the blood and the content of urea in the urine, thus examining kidney function.