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Market supply and demand of plant extracts

There are many different varieties of plant extracts. The supply and demand of these products are constantly changing with the years and various market factors, and imbalances in supply and demand occur from time to time.
① Influence of product supply
Since the raw materials of the plant extract industry are agricultural and forestry products, they are easily affected by factors such as weather, pests and diseases, and planting area. The purchase price and quantity of raw materials in different years will fluctuate. The fluctuation of raw material prices will cause the price and output of natural plant extract products to be certain The degree of change has caused an imbalance between market supply and demand.
② Impact of market demand

Most production companies have limited understanding of overseas market demand, and may lack scientific and long-term accurate judgments about market demand. When the market demand for a certain product is good, there will be a short-term market imbalance in short supply, but with the spread of market information, a large number of companies will swarm to repeat production, resulting in oversupply of products.