Red transparent liquid Glycyrrhizic Acid
  • Red transparent liquid Glycyrrhizic AcidRed transparent liquid Glycyrrhizic Acid

Red transparent liquid Glycyrrhizic Acid

China H&Z® Red transparent liquid Glycyrrhizic Acid is a flavorant and foaming agent derived from the separation of flavonoids found in the whole licorice extract from the licorice root glycyrrhiza glabra. It is 50–100 times as sweet as sugar, is soluble in water, and has a licorice taste. It has good heat stability but prolonged heating can result in some degradation. It is stable within ph 4–9; below ph 4 there could be precipitation.

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Product Description

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China Red transparent liquid Glycyrrhizic Acid Factory

Licorice Extract Glycyrrhizic Acid CAS:1405-86-3

Red transparent liquid Glycyrrhizic Acid Chemical Properties

Melting point:220°C (rough estimate)
alpha:D17 +46.2° (c = 1.5 in alc)
Boiling point:681.01°c (rough estimate)
Density:1.1442 (rough estimate)
Refractive index:61 ° (c=1.5, etoh)

Red transparent liquid Glycyrrhizic Acid Introduction:
Licorice Extract Powder active ingredient is Glycyrrhizic Acid. Glycyrrhizic acid is a powerful sweetener, 3050 times as potent as sucrose (table sugar). Chemically, glycyrrhizic acid is a triterpenoid saponin glycoside being either the Ca2+ or K+ salt of glycyrrhizic (or glycyrrhizinic) acid. Upon hydrolysis, the glycoside loses its sweet taste and is converted to the aglycone
glycyrrhetinic acid plus two molecules of glucuronic acid. The H&Z® glycyrrhizic acid form is not particularly water soluble, but its ammonium salt is soluble in water at pH greater than 4.5. Although sweet, the taste of glycyrrhizic acid is different from that of sugar. The sweetness of glycyrrhizic acid has a slower onset than sugar, and lingers in the mouth for some time. Additionally, its characteristic licorice flavor makes it unsuitable as a direct flavor substitute for sugar. Unlike the artificial sweetener aspartame, glycyrrhizic acid maintains its sweetness under heating. Licorice extract Powder Glycyrrhizic acid can be use for topical applications. It can also be used in skin care formulations to soothe and relax dry and tired skin.

Red transparent liquid Glycyrrhizic Acid Specification:




Brown yellow to brown red, transparent liquid


Slight characteristic odor


Soluble in Propylene Glycol, Butylene Glycol

Glabridin Purity(HPLC)








Total bacteria


Yeast and mold


Recommended use levels


Use method

Add into oil phase directly, stir until it distributes evenly, can involve in emulsification process.


Store at room temperature, keep sealed and away from light

Shelf life

Two years

Red transparent liquid Glycyrrhizic Acid Function 
1.Liquorice root could help enhance the transformation and transportation functions of the spleen and stomach;
2.Since the spleen dominates muscles and the liver controls tendons, liquorice root has excellent properties to relieve pain and cramps of smooth or skeletal muscles;
3.Liquorice root also moistens the lungs and stops coughs. It treats disorders such as shortness of breath, fatigue, sallow facial appearance, decreased food intake, loose stools, and diarrhea;
4.Its neutral property treats coughing and wheezing of various etiologies that stems from either cold or heat, and deficiencies of excess, with or without phlegm;
5.Liquorice root can also be used to clear heat and toxins; it is useful to treat poisoning due to foods, herbs, herbicides, pesticides, drugs and heavy metals; 
6.Liquorice root has also been reported to speed the healing of canker sores.

Red transparent liquid Glycyrrhizic Acid Application:
1.Licorice Extract Glycyrrhizic Acid is often used as a flavoring agent in pickles, noodle sauce, and soy sauce, which can suppress salt taste and its bitter taste.
2.Licorice Extract Glycyrrhizic Acid's use of sweeteners in juice drinks or other non-carbonated beverage products will make the taste cool and delicious.
3.Licorice Extract Glycyrrhizic Acid's use in preserved fruits and preserves can effectively highlight the flavor of the product, make its sweetness and sweetness lasting, and make it more delicious.
4.Licorice Extract Glycyrrhizic Acid can be Applied in the cosmetic field as a high-grade protect skin factor.

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